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Every year, we transport millions of gallons of lubricants, fuel, crude oil, and other products through our logistics business. Our retail operations in 24 states provides our customers with the convenience and speed and services they want.

Today, Sunoco is known as a company on the move—constantly innovating, evolving, and always delivering. A lot has changed in 125 years, but not our commitment to helping our customers get to where they’re going.

With more than 125 years of history, we've learned that success is as much about “how” you do something as “what” you do. And that the quality and value associated with the Sunoco brand are not things to take for granted. Not for a minute. That’s why Sunoco continuously adapts and innovates to keep an edge. And to keep people moving. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


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Sunoco Lubricants is proud to offer the highest quality products for all your lubricating needs. Contact us today and see how Sunoco Lubricants can work for you!