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SUNOCO ULTRA CHISEL PASTE is a specialty grease formulated specifically for hydraulic hammers under heavy   use.  Enhanced with solid frictional modifiers, SUNOCO ULTRA CHISEL PASTE provides superior lubrication over a wide temperature range for lower downtime and longer tool life.


SUNOCO ULTRA CHISEL PASTE is a superior hydraulic hammer lubricant.  Its calcium sulfonate base resists water washout and shearing has high load capacity (800 Kgf. Weld Point) and shock handling and is resistant to the effects of high temperatures. SUNOCO ULTRA CHISEL PASTE contains solid lubricity and EP agents to protect surfaces from wear under extreme duress and provide optimum lubrication under the harshest weather and operational conditions.


SUNOCO ULTRA CHISEL PASTE is recommended for the lubrication of tools, bushings and pistons on hydraulic hammers and breakers from all OEMs.  It will prevent wear, extend tool life and help lower operational expenses versus other grease products.  SUNOCO ULTRA CHISEL PASTE is easily pumped while still maintain excellent adhesion and does not contain any heavy metals to be an environmental concern.  Can be used as a heavy-duty multi-purpose grease to lubricate construction and mining equipment, utility, agricultural, marine and other outdoor equipment, bushings, pins, couplings, chassis parts, and various other industrial, commercial and vehicular components in all climates.

Product Code


NLGI Grade


Soap Type

Calcium Sulfonate Complex



Viscosity, cSt @ 40 °C

225 cSt

Viscosity, cSt @ 100 °C

19 cSt

Operating Temp Range, °F

-20° - 400°

Penetration 60 Strokes


Dropping Point

500°F min

Four Ball EP Weld Point

800 Kgf.

Four Ball EP LWI


Four Ball EP Scar dia.

0.60 mm

Solids Content, min.


Corrosion Protection