Sunoco Lubricants is announcing a total re-design of their 6 gallon EPACK. The re-design reinforces the integrity of the box so that it will withstand warehouse and back shop conditions as well as multiple handlings. We have taken these steps to ensure our container gets your oil to you, and then your customer in a reliable and beautiful condition.

We changed the dimensions of the box which takes pressure off of the side panels and seams and reduces bulge. The change in dimensions will allow for nine more boxes to be added to each pallet, raising the pallet quantities from 36 to 42, which will help maximize freight.

We completely redesigned the perforated opening for the spout as well. The inverted triangle design increases the ease of opening the box for initial use and secures the spout snugly while in use.

We also added hand holes to help to make it easier to transport each box.

We have taken the steps necessary to provide our customers with a quality product in quality packaging. As always, we appreciate your business and encourage feedback on our newly designed box.